Poppy has a hair cut

Poppy has a beautiful coat of multi colour’s she is very furry and fluffy
but  when she was younger she wasn’t groomed as she should have been her
coat became matted and knotted
so we booked her into a doggy grooming parlour and took her along for her first haircut
What a lovely place it was with lovely well groomed happy dogs running around freely
we felt happy and confident to leave poppy in their care I have to say the groomer himself was fantastic giving us so much advice on what to do and how to do it . so we could manage her coat ourselves from then on , but as poppy was so matted he said she had to be shaved as she was so young it would be hard work and it would distress her to much to try and get all the knots out ,One of the most valuable bits of advise i was given was to put Poppy up on  a table or sideboard put her out of her comfort zone , that way she will sit still and behave while we groom her , rather then having her on the floor running around after her , as we had been doing ! and it works i use my dressing table and soon as i pop her up there she is good as gold


About Linda's Bits of This and Bits of That

I have 3 grown up children, two living at home and one has now left home and two grandson's who i adore and a 9mth old puppy called Poppy I live in Belsize Park in London I love walking Poppy on Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath im a home lover who loves gardening comping and reviewing i often holiday with my husband now the children are grown up but also love family holidays and days out I love going to the theatre with my husband out going out for nice meals we have our grandchildren as often as possible and they stay with us most weekends
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